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Do you care what happens to your family when you die? Of course you do. If things go according to plan, you’ll have many years to plan for this eventuality to set your family up for a good life after you’re gone. But what if your time comes before you’re ready? This is where a solid custom term life insurance policy is critical.

If the unexpected happens and you prematurely leave this earth, imagine what it will be life for your family to cope with losing you – without the financial support of your income. You don’t want your loved ones to carry the burden of paying for your funeral, burial, and other death expenses either.

Unexpected deaths happen every day – and that’s why having a life insurance policy is simply a good idea no matter how young or young-at-heart you are. In fact, the majority of all people living in the United States are covered under some type of life insurance policy. If you think joining the ranks of these financially savvy citizens is too difficult, too confusing, or too expensive for your budget – think again. Our trusted experts can help make the decision easy. Get a fast no-hassle quote or call today to talk to an advisor!

What is Term Life Insurance?

There are two major categories of life insurance: term life insurance and permanent or whole life insurance. The main difference is that permanent life insurance will last until your death while term life insurance has a limit that may end while you are still alive. Permanent life insurance is usually more expensive, but it also comes with certain cash benefits and tax implications. Term life insurance means you are only covered for the length of the term that you choose. Common term lengths are 10 years, 20 years, and 30 years, but which one you choose depends on your specific needs and financial goals.

Both term life and permanent/whole life insurance can come in a variety of policy types; for example, policies to cover people with pre-existing conditions, policies that don’t require a medical exam, and policies that just cover final expenses without a cash payout. Regardless of what details best fit your situation, the takeaway is that having life insurance is the smart choice.

Why You Need Term Life Insurance

If you are in your 50s or 60s and you don’t already have life insurance – it’s way past time to talk to an insurance advisor. The older you get, the higher the chance of needing life insurance to protect your spouse, your children, or your estate if something should happen to you.

But life insurance isn’t just for people approaching the age of retirement. Unexpected deaths occur every day. Maybe you work in a risky profession like construction, law enforcement, or even commercial sanitation. Perhaps you love to travel, and as a result you fly more frequently than the average person and spend more time in foreign countries. It could be that your hobbies involve inherent risk, like skydiving or mountain biking. Maybe you just want peace of mind that your family will be protected in case you meet an untimely demise.

Plus, the younger you are when you purchase a term life insurance policy, the lower your premiums will be. As you marry and your family starts to grow, you’ll be able to add beneficiaries to the policy you purchased while your premiums were still low.

How to Get Life Insurance

Even though term life insurance can have many caveats and stipulations, there is help. We know the insurance landscape, and our expert advisors can navigate the terrain to find the insurance carrier that meets your needs and will give you the coverage that you want.

Since life insurance can come in a variety of packages, don’t assume that you can’t get coverage even if you have a pre-existing condition or if you are a smoker. These days, excellent term life insurance coverage is easy to find with the support of our knowledgeable team. 

Concerned About Life Insurance and COVID-19?

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed many aspects of day-to-day life, but there is good news. As far as your term life insurance goes, COVID-19 will not have a significant impact – that is, as long as you already have life insurance. If you are thinking about getting a quote but haven’t yet – some insurers may be raising premiums or getting rid of long-term life insurance plans altogether so the time is now.

Remember, having life insurance is the smart choice because it means you’re prepared for the unexpected. These days, you have to be ready for anything. Call our office today!

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